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Steampunk Lamp -Industrial Table Lamp with an Interesting base - Steampunk Desk Lamp 1927 #1908

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Steampunk Industrial Machine Age Lamp

Enjoy an evening with a good book by the warm light of this vintage steampunk styled table lamp! Featuring early 20th-century vintage parts combined with new electrical and piping components, this industrial lamp stands at 21 inches tall, measuring 7 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The base of the lamp is composed of an antique 1927 refinished Valley Battery Charger, featuring a built-in light switch on the front of the base that turns on and off the Edison bulb. A black steel shade houses an Edison light bulb to provide soft lighting, while an antique style black electrical cord finishes off the vintage look!


A black steel shade with an Edison light bulb. The light is turned on/off with a hidden switch on the base.
The base is a 1927 refinished Valley Battery Charger which has written in pencil on the top MAY 14 1927
An antique style twisted black electrical cord. 
The lamp stands 21 inches tall and 7 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

All my lamps are wired for use in the US and Canada using UL and or CAE approved parts