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Steampunk Industrial Lamp with Two Pressure Gauges Two Edison Lights #299

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Steampunk Industrial Machine Age Lamp

Add some unique personality to any space with this industrial steampunk table lamp!

Created by using early 20th century vintage parts paired with new electrical and pipe components, this stylish lamp stands at 24 1/2 inches tall and measures 18 inches wide.

A large 5 ¼ inch antique brass pressure gauge is the focal point of the lamp, with a  smaller 2 inch pressure sitting in the center of two Edison lights which are housed in 7 3/4 inch black steel lamp cages. A hidden 3 way light switch in the valve handle controls the lights. You can turn on each light individually or both at once.

All my lamps are built for use in the US and Canada.


  • Two Edison lights in steel cages 
  • Two antique pressure gauges
  • An antique style black electrical cord.
  • The lamp stands 24 1/2 inches tall and 18 inches wide