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Steampunk Industrial Table Lamp with a Large Gauge & Red Shade #23

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Steampunk Industrial Machine Age Lamp

This gorgeous steampunk inspired table lamp is sure to be a conversation piece! Standing at 25 inches tall and measuring 8 inches wide at the base, this unique table lamp features a stunning black 7 ¾” antique pressure gauge with a contrasting white face at the center of the lamp. Crafted from early 20th century vintage parts combined with brand new plumbing and electrical components, this industrial table lamp includes a red steel shade measuring 10 inches in diameter, housing a vintage style Edison light bulb, as well as an black antique style braided electrical cord.

  • A 7 3/4" black with white face pressure gauge
  • A 10" red steel shade
  • An antique style black electrical cord.
  • The lamp stands 25 inches tall, the base is 8" wide by 10" deep