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Steampunk Industrial Lamp with Steel Pulley

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Steampunk Industrial Machine Age Lamp

Transform any room with the addition of this Machine Age steampunk styled lamp! Standing at 22 inches tall, this attractive table lamp features a large 8 ½ inch flat belt steel pulley wheel with a red star-shaped center as the lamp base. The top of the lamp features an Edison light bulb housed in a black steel lamp cage, with an antique style black twisted electrical cord to finish the design. Whether you’re going for a steampunk, Americana, or rustic look, this unique lamp is sure to be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been looking for!

  • A black steel housing for the Edison light bulb.
  • A large 8 1/2” Flat Belt Steel Pulley Wheel with a red center. 
  • An antique style black twisted electrical cord. 
  • The lamp stands 22 inches tall and 8 1/2 inches wide at the bottom.