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Steampunk Vintage Brass Torch Lamp - A Great piece of Steampunk lighting #246

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Steampunk Industrial Table / Desk Lamp

Add some steampunk style to any room with this unique blow torch brass table lamp! Constructed using an early 20th-century welding / soldering torch with a wooden handle and new electrical components. The table lamp stands at 22 inches tall and measuring 10 inches wide. At the top is a black steel lamp cage which houses a vintage style Edison bulb. The lamp's on-off switch is hidden on the torches filler cap. An antique style braided black electrical cord finishes off the vintage look and feel of the lamp.

The development of plumbers’ firepots, furnaces and soldering iron heaters roughly paralleled the introduction of blowtorches. Plumbers and roofers were dependent upon charcoal-fired firepots until the late 1870’s when firepots, using gravity-fed hydrocarbon fuels, were first marketed. The adoption of the use of liquid fuels was slowed by controversies regarding safety. By the late 1870’s, several companies offered gravity-fed products, including Burgess (1877), M.L. Hull (1878) and Dangler (1882). Firepots and furnaces using pressurized fuel tanks followed in the mid to late 1880’s. 

This lamp features a black steel cage with an Edison bulb.
An antique brass torch with a wooden handle and hidden switch.
An antique style black electrical cord.
The lamp stands 22 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

All my lamps are wired for use in the US and Canada