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Industrial Table Lamp Oak & Steel #27

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Oak & Steel Industrial Table / Desk Lamp


This stunning handcrafted oak and steel lamp is the perfect complement to your industrial style room or office. This table lamp is crafted from steel piping and features a large 1940's industrial wooden half pulley as its base.

This classic industrial lamp stands 20" tall and 9" wide at the base, having the capacity to light up the entire table. The lamp has an LED bulb for illumination which is housed inside a 1940's industrial wood flat belt pulley. The lamp has a vintage style black electrical cord with a switch.

Industrial Oak & Steel Table Lamp is a perfect blend of wood and steel and is a perfect fit for all types of rooms.


  • A 1940's industrial wood flat belt pulleys for shade
  • An LED bulb for illumination 
  • A large 1940's industrial wooden half pulley for the base
  • A black electrical cord with switch
  • The lamp stands 20" tall and 9" wide at the base.