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Industrial Table Lamp with Steampunk Styling #24

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Industrial Machine Age Desk Lamp

This vintage handmade industrial desk lamp blends the beauty of the past with the present. It epitomizes the elegance of the early 20th Century through the unique fusion of antique industrial parts with modern electrical components.

This classic lamp stands 9 inches tall and 7" wide at the bottom, which makes it easier to place on desks of all sizes. It has a beautifully designed 7" vintage style Edison bulb. It is attached to a solid brass accent fitting and an antique style black electrical cable that adds to its vintage look.

This industrial machine age desk / table lamp is designed to give your living room an aesthetic and contemporary look.


  • A 7" Edison bulb
  • Solid brass accent fittings
  • An antique style black electrical cord.
  • The lamp stands 19 inches tall and 7" wide at the bottom.