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Steampunk Lamp -Industrial Table Lamp with an Interesting base No. 2009

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Enjoy an evening with a good book by the warm light of this vintage steampunk styled table lamp!

Featuring early 20th-century vintage parts combined with new electrical and piping components, this industrial lamp stands at 16 1/2 inches tall, measuring 8 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

The base of the lamp is composed of an antique 1950's D.C volts Micrometer, featuring a hidden built-in light switch on the front of the base that turns on and off the Edison bulb and small toggle switch on the front that turns off/on a small interior light. A black steel shade houses an Edison light bulb to provide soft lighting, while an antique style black electrical cord finishes off the vintage look!

All my lamps are wired for the US and Canada