My love affair with old lamps began over 25 years ago when my father-in-law gave me a vintage airplane lamp stand that he had owned from the early 1950’s. I was fascinated with the design and imagination –an ordinary everyday essential that had been turned into a sleek work of art.

So over the next twenty years in my spare time I started rebuilding and rewiring and selling a few antique lamps. Sourcing parts from local flea markets and antique shops, where I soon became known as the “lamp man”…

Today I am retired and live in Prince Edward Island, Canada with my wife and our two dogs, working in a workshop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean!

These days I spending most of my time creating one-of-a-kind works from reclaimed, vintage items found in old farms and warehouses… each lamp an original… each lamp special.

I hope you like them as much as I enjoy making them.

Thanks for looking, Glen