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Steampunk Table Lamp - Large Brass Gauge - Three Edison Lights #287

Steampunk Industrial Machine Age Lamp

Add a touch of steampunk to any room with this industrial steampunk table lamp. Built with early 20th-century vintage parts and new piping and electrical components.

This 28 inch industrial table lamp features a large 8" antique pressure gauge, three black steel lamp cages housing Edison light bulbs that can be switched on and off individually and an antique style black electrical cord.


  • Three Edison lights that can be individually switched off and on.
  • A large 8” antique brass and black pressure gauge.
  • An antique style black electrical cord.
  • The lamp stands 28 inches tall, 21 inches wide and 9 inches wide at the base.
All my lamps are wired for use in the US and Canada

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