Projector Desk Lamp with Art Deco Styling No.1924

$500.00 CAD

Ships Table Lantern with Clear Lens No.669

$350.00 CAD

Bugle Table Lamp A Great Music Lover's Desk Lamp No.696

$175.00 CAD

Industrial Table Lamp - Steampunk Desk Lamp No.709

$275.00 CAD

Industrial Table Lamp - Steampunk Desk Lamp No. 707

$120.00 CAD

Dressel Railroad Signal Lantern with Light Reflectors #841

$400.00 CAD

Industrial Table Lamp with a Large Gauge - Steampunk Desk Lamp #2004

$375.00 CAD

Industrial Steampunk Desk Table Lamp No. 1934

$275.00 CAD

About Me

The appreciation and love for industrial style steampunk lamps goes beyond the era - they are truly timeless pieces of art that can survive generations. That is why I've spent Over 20+ years of creating one-of-a-kind works from reclaimed, vintage items found in old farms and warehouses.